Exchange (Outlook) preparations!

In the steps below we will describe the steps needed to prepare the Exchange (Outlook) side for the ORB connection. 

Before we can start the preparations it’s important to know what all the requirements are to start.

The ORB needs two user accounts to work as intended. These accounts are the API user and the Fallback user. Both accounts need a mailbox (the minimal license required for this is a “Exchange Kiosk” license). The API user will be used to check and create Exchange bookings. The API user will do this for both the rooms and the personal calendars. The Fallback user will be used when a person is not known in one of the platforms. The meeting will still be created but it will be attached to the Fallback account. This way the time slot is always reserved even when a person is unknown in one of the platforms. All communication with Exchange is done with EWS.

For the API user the Application Impersonation right is required.

The Fallback user will need Full Acces rights for all the rooms that will be monitored by the ORB.

Both users can be created with a name that is recognizable and in line with the rest of the naming in your tenant. In the steps below we will describe how both accounts can be configured.

  • API user (Exchange Kiosk license)
  • Fallback user (Exchange Kiosk license)
When there is no on-prem Exchange environment the step below can be skipped. The rights for the API users will be handled in the OAuth 2.0 step for cloud environments.