Advanced Asset & Incident integration with TOPdesk! 

Managed Service Provider geschikt!


When monitoring IT environments with N-central, all tickets need administrative follow-ups and TOPdesk has perfect possibilities to do this! .

Manually assigning and forwarding tickets to the correct device and customer is very time consuming. You rather solve issues, instead of performing administrative tasks. However, without automated follow-ups and required input for reporting, invoices to customers are at risk!

With the Qixium N-central module for TOPdesk you seamlessly integrate your N-central remote monitoring and management platform with TOPdesk incident and New Asset Management.

With this integration zero time is required for the registration of managed devices as assets or register incidents in TOPdesk. Devices and incidents will automatically be assigned or forwarded to the correct customer. Correlation of incidents, avoiding multiple / high-volumes of separate incidents in TOPdesk. 


  • Automated registration of N-central operational tickets in TOPdesk:
    • Operational events can be registered, completed, updated, resolved and reopened.
    • TOPdesk incident number and link will be written back to N-central.
    • Updates of the same operational N-able ticket is consolidated, to minimize/limit the number of incidents.
  • Easy mapping of attributes from N-central to TOPdesk incidents including customers and devices.
  • Based on PSA ticketing integration in N-central and TOPdesk API standards
  • Optimized TOPdesk incident integration and asset registration:
    • Assign templates
    • Flexible configuration options
    • Relate incidents, assets and customers!

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We’ve summarized the challenges and benefits: 


  • Manually taking over incidents of N-central in TOPdesk is time consuming and prone to error.
  • How to avoid duplicate registration of related incidents?
  • How to manually keep managed assets of N-central up-to-date in TOPdesk?
  • How to relate incidents and assets to the right customer in TOPdesk?
  • Inconsistent registration leads to lack of reliable reporting and invoice data.


  • No time needed for incident registration in TOPdesk!
  • No time needed to keep managed assets up to date in TOPdesk!
  • Save time & improve quality with less FTE’s.
  • Higher and more accurate invoicing per customer

Please find some impressions of the configuration below. Click on a picture to enlarge it: