Building Management connector for TOPdesk

Building Management connector for TOPdesk

Synchronize Building Management Data is delivered via our Building Management Connector (BMC) which is part of our Data Manager platform. The connector is suitable to gather building information from a source (e.g. Planon or any other Facility Management or Building Management system/platform). Besides this we can also gather information from operational source like SCCM and/or other source(s) which provide asset location related information. Be in control when assets are being moved across the organizations!

The connector supports a wide range of possibilities to extract this data (REST/SOAP/Database/XLS/CSV and others).  Via our TOPdesk connector we can easily maintain information between your Building Management source and TOPdesk.

Benefits of S4M BMC:

  • Get the buildings and rooms directly from the responsible department/source

That’s where the data needs to come from! Use this data and get automatically synced with TOPdesk. This will save you loads of manual work.

  • Make sure your building related information is up to date when delivering support (eg the building information of an asset)
  • Be in control of the link, know what’s happening and in case of an error get informed

Because you will make use of our Data Manager platform, you will also have the following benefits:

  • Sharing data between and across different links
  • Get more in depth understanding of data process flows across your organization,
    improve the processes, have discussions based on (data/source) facts instead of assumptions!
  • Provide defined data sets with end users and make it easy to share this export data (via csv,pdf)
  • Get (link dependent) end users involved , easy share info about their link via a portal
  • Inform link dependent roles with valid information about a link
  • Audit and monitor what’s happening within the link (e.g. how many records are being processed, or who did run what?)
  • Get in depth logging to troubleshoot issues, also forward
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