Converting Database Tables to files has never been so easy! The Data Manager Platform makes it is possible to convert Database Tables to CSV, XLS, XSLX and PDF without any hassle. The TableToFile Mini Connector is based on Microsoft SQL Server and therefor fully compatible with MSSQL.

The following items will be converted:

✔ Table names
✔ Table structure
✔ Table data

The data can be converted to:

and more….

Fast & easy

The TableToFile Mini Connector can convert SQL Database Tables to a generic format file in seconds. The file can then be used for other applications.

Automation with Data Manager

The TableToFile Mini Connector works perfectly in combination with Data Manager. It is possible (automatically with our ESB) to store all neccessary data within a database, after which the TableToFile Mini Connector converts it to a file .

Integrate all your applications!

Besides the TableToFile Mini Connector, there are many other connectors for Educational and Non-Educational applications. Think of synchronizing between other departments such as Facilities, Sales and Human Resources. Please check our website for an overview of our connections made so far! The data responsibility and quality remains at the source, but is used multiple imes, across departments!