Setting up an API has never been so easy! The Data Manager Platform makes it is possible to set up an JSON based API without any hassle. The TableAPIShell Mini Connector is based on MSSQL Server and therefor fully integrated and compatible with MSSQL.

The following actions can be used in the API:

✔ List records
✔ Delete records
✔ Update records
✔ Insert records
✔ Record filtering
and much more….

Data Manager & Exchange

Advantages of this combination is the power and possibilities of the Data Manager platform, combined with the API interface technique. It delivers you the best of both worlds! With the TableAPIShell Mini Connector it is possible to get data into any MSSQL based environment from any source in your organization. You deliver the data, we align the technique!

Techniques & Usage

We make use of the generic JSON API format, no programming skills are needed. Data Manager itself makes use of a generic way of working, this means that for every connection the source and/ or target are different, but the way of building the integration is the same. In this way you can easily adapt to read and quickly understand any integration build.

Authentication & Security

The TableAPIShell Mini Connector works with authentication tokens and user authentication. The access to the database can be managed via the AD authentication possibilities. In this way every authentication aspect is verified within AD and not externally. All of the communication is done via a secure way, by making use of token verification and https.

Data Manager Platform

With the Data Manager platform it is possible (automatically with our ESB) to store all necessary data first, and then process it via the TableAPIShell Mini Connector. This can be done with or without user intervention. Our DM Portal makes it is possible to view the status of the process, even for non-technical users.

Integrate all your applications!

Besides the TableAPIShell Mini Connector, there are many other connectors for Educational and Non-Educational applications. Think of synchronizing between other departments such as Facilities, Sales and Human Resources. Please check our website for an overview of our connections made so far! The data responsibility and quality remains at the source, but is used multiple imes, across departments!