Always wondered what all those integrations are processing in your organisation? Or maybe you’re using a platform or integration/script and got that black box feeling? Being dependand on a link but don’t know what’s happening? Does it work? Do I have the lastest data? Is data missing? Then we’ve got the answer for you with our Scope4mation Data Manager platform! We will switch the lights on and give you all visibility for all integrations. Easy to interpret overview for end-users.  Simple drill down on technical level in case of issues.

Why Data Manager?

Our Data Manager platform to synchronize data between all types and kinds of applications. With our platform you can synchronize and exchange data in an easy, secure and controlled way. This makes it the perfect platform to be in control of every link in your organisation. Every link is guided via our unique MAL* informing principal which give all kinds of benefits straight away.

The big advantage of our Data Manager platform that it’s compact, to the point, easy to implement and to maintain. Start using the benefits fast and straight away. A great side effect is that data access and exchange is under control, which is required for ISO27K and GDPR (General Data Protect Regulation).

What makes our Data Manager platform unique?

Our MAL informing principle takes care that every aspect of the link is being monitored and can be exposed via our dashboard portal. In this case end users who rely on the link can take the first steps themselves instead of going directly to IT to find out what’s wrong.

Be able to monitor progress, errors, run times, session details and actual statuses. The monitor component takes care that you’re in session control on every moment of the day. With monitor it is possible to inform (end)users or a group of users in case of an error. Event notification via several media is included.


Need to know who did what and when? With our audit logging functionality this is possible! It keeps track of configuration changes made with/in our Data Manager platform.



Both usage and technical errors are being monitored and logged in a structure. A lot of times when a link has issues this is only determined afterwards. Our logging engine stores data for an X amount of days to take care that all required information is available to find and fix issues. This is also very valuable for providing support.


Our Data Manager platform can be used in all kinds of ways. It is possible to combine multiple sources and to verify information in another source and/or extend a link with data from multiple sources with a few clicks.

User Interaction

In some cases you would like to give the end user the possibility to make a decision if data needs to be processed and/or when to run a certain link. With Data Manager you can setup a user interaction in minutes and provide a link via our Dashboard/Portal to delegate control to designated users.

Configure Business Rules

Every link has its own business rules and/or specific configuration parameters, with our Business Rules Engine (known as ETL engine) you can easily setup these rules and re-use and share it between other solutions and your colleagues. Traditional links are programmed in such a way that makes it difficult to share and maintain.

Processing data

Our powerful Data Manager platform makes it possible to process data in bulk and or in single or bulk transaction mode. Of course depending on the source and/or target, but Data Manager is fully optimized to support both ways.

With our simple setup, value, experience and knowledge around connections you have everything in place to easy build with our Data Manager platform!


Installation and configuration is done in a second. With our installer its a matter of minutes to install our platform and get the defaults running. Installation in the cloud and/or on premise is both possible.

Application connections

Our Data Manager platform gives you the possibility to gather data from a default set of base connectors (database related) and webservice tools. Nowadays a lot of applications work with so called API’s, our Mini Connector concept takes care of these API’s.


Data Manager is the perfect platform to start with a single link, but also perfectly suitable as the generic service bus in large organisations. Every link is guided via our MAL* elements principal.


If you start as a small company with only 1 link, or you would like to start with multiple links in a mid size or entperise company, our license model takes care that it is affordable in every combination.


With every platform implemented we deliver technical support via our support portal. Based on your subscription level the support is extended, but by default you can always also setup a chat with one of our support colleagues. Saving valuable time and efforts.

Integration link scenario’s

To get inspired what’s possible and what’s not, you can take a look at our scenario and project section which contains samples for different customer cases. We’re always looking for challenges! If you’ve got a scenario and you’re in a doubt if Data Manager can cover this: Please let us know!

Unique Mini Connector Concept

We support a broad list of application connectors by default and we’re extending rapidly. Our strategy around API based interfaces is to develop these together with you, embed the Mini Connector in Data Manager and it will automatically benefit from all the Data Manager functionality! We maintain the connector, you take care of the data. To be able for other customers to use the MC, we’ve setup a whole product concept to take  everything is documented around the connector.

Customers  & Partners

Scope4mation works in close partnership with TOPdesk and Scientia. For TOPdesk and Scientia we’ve developed an out of the box connector to easy connect with their platforms/products. Want to know which customers and/or partners which already have chosen for our platform? Click here!