Scope4mation moved to a New Office


Scope4mation moved to a New Office

After a long time of preparation it finally happened; on 2-10-2017 Scope4mation moved to a new office! Our new office is located at: Rubenstraat 211, 6717 VE in Ede, 3rd floor. The new office is located near the Highway A12, which makes it easy to reach for visitors who come by car. Our connection with public transport is much better, since we’re now located near the Cinemec in Ede.

Our new location has a fresh look and we’ve said goodbye to our old inventory. With this new location we’re ready for the future, we’ve got several meeting and trainings/workshop areas, a lot more office space and we’ve got the needed space to be able to expand in the future!

We’re still in the phase of decorating and finishing and besides that very busy with business, therefor we’ve decided to do a grand opening somewhere early next year!

To give you an idea, we’ve taken some photos:

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