Scope4mation Support moves to a new platform!


Scope4mation Support moves to a new platform!

On the 9th of December Scope4mation support will migrate from our old SuperOffice CSC platform to a new platform called Zendesk. At the moment, we’re in the phase of preparing everything and making sure we have everything arranged to migrate as smooth as possible. Via this way we would like to inform you what will happen during the migration, but also what will change within support.

Why do we move to Zendesk?

  • Our service needs to be prepared for the future and Zendesk is much more scalable (cloud based) than our current solution
  • Provide alternative ways to get in touch with us:
    • Via Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc)
    • Live chat on
    • Zendesk App for mobile and other devices
  • Improved registration between Support and Development:
    • Easy creation of development tickets directly from within Zendesk
    • Bi-directional notes and updates sync in Zendesk and Dev Ticket System
    • Share the results direct with Scientia consultants and/or partners
  • Improved registration between Support and Finance
    • Synchronize information between Support and Finance (automatically)
    • Manage organizations and contract (support) related information
  • Support Reporting
    • Will be used to monitor our support services and give us insight information about our service level
    • Better SLA monitoring

How does the ticket handling work via Zendesk?

  • Ticket registration:
    • This can be done via mail:
      or (submit a request)
    • For proper ticket registration we would like to ask you to provide:
      • Company Name
      • Contact Details
        • Name
        • Email
        • Mobile
      • Clear description of the issue
        • Including document(s)
        • What’s already tested?
        • Environment it occurs?
      • Impact (helps us to determine the priority)
      • Urgency (helps us to determine the priority)
      • Platform Version
    • Ticket follow up
      • On a first time ticket registration you will need to register,
        you will receive a registration mail from Zendesk
      • After ticket registration, you will receive a mail with a ticket number,
        you can reply to that mail and everything will be added to the ticket
      • Our call agents (support engineers) respond to tickets as usual

Are there any other changes?

  • Support Portal:
    • Default entrance of our support:
    • No login/registration is required anymore for default access to the portal
    • View/update your own tickets (registration required, on the portal press ‘Sign in’ to register)
    • Including downloads
  • Migration notes:
    • We try to close as much tickets as possible before the 9th of December, any remaining tickets will be moved over to Zendesk, we will inform the ticket owner of this/these changes.
    • From the 9th of December will be redirected to
      (downloads, documentation, FAQ, training info, tickets etc)
    • will be restyled and refreshed during the upcoming weeks, starting with disabling all documentation, user registration and download links.

If you have any question(s) about the support contract and or the effects for you or your organisation, please get in touch with us via our contact page. We hope the above migration will improve our service level and will keep all customers smiling!