Data Manager Package v3.16.45401 available for download!


Data Manager Package v3.16.45401 available for download!

A new Data Manager installer package is available for download! The software package can be downloaded from our downloads page.

The following functionality is added to our platform (check the release notes section on the downloads page for a complete overview)

  •  ETL
    • Fixed: Delete Imported Data doesn’t always work.
    • Consolidation diagram titles are now the same as the consolidation items in the list on the left.
    • You can now see views even if the owner doesn’t have any tables.
    • Added stability to the TOPdesk 2 connector.
    • Fixed: TopDesk on Oracle not showing GUID value because of RAW source type.
  • GenericWS
    • Now supports UTF-8 character encoding for REST calls on ‘body’ parameter.


This package can be used to install and/or upgrade an environment.  In case of an install, have a look at our pre-requisites and documentation to prepare your environment. In case of an upgrade, please make sure to make a backup of the environment before you start the upgrade!

Need assistance or do you have some questions? Contact us via our contact page!