Data Manager Package v3.16.38303 available for download!


Data Manager Package v3.16.38303 available for download!

A new Data Manager installer package is available for download! The software package can be downloaded from our downloads page.

The following functionality is added to our platform (check the release notes section on the downloads page for a complete overview)

  •  ETL
    • Added TOPdesk mapping changeactivity.
    • Added missing “newchange” entity in TOPdesk Mapping.
    • Fixed the SP Agent process doesn’t hang after the services shut down.
    • Fixed an SP Agent issue when handling Allocate_ relations other than StudentSets.
    • Fixed issue with SPlus Agent where the batch processing was causing problems when handling relations.
    • Fixed issue with Service Desk when invalid meta data was parsed.
  • Installer
    • ListenBaseURL in Trigger Host is now a hostname instead of a *.
    • Removed enabling Ad Hoc queries from the installer procedure.



This package can be used to install and/or upgrade an environment.  In case of an install, have a look at our pre-requisites and documentation to prepare your environment. In case of an upgrade, please make sure to make a backup of the environment before you start the upgrade!

Need assistance or do you have some questions? Contact us via our contact page!